Košice, Ľudovít Feld Cultural center

The major Jewish cultural institution in Košice was established by the local Jewish community under the guidance of Dr. Jana Teššerová in 2015. Located in the Puškinova Street synagogue in the center of town, it is dedicated to the Košice-born Jewish artist Ľudovít Feld. A skilled artist who suffered from dwarfism, he was spared death in the Auschwitz camp by the notorious Nazi criminal Dr. Josef Mengele, who assigned him to document his horrendous experiments by means of drawings. After the war, Feld returned to Košice, where he lived in humble conditions, earning his livelihood as an artist and art teacher. Numerous drawings recalling the suffering of the Nazi camp, as well as picturesque views of Košice, local castles and other monuments, are in circulation among collectors and in family possessions. Eleven of Feld’s artworks are presented in the center, together with pictures by other Jewish artists. In addition, a small presentation of local Judaica is of interest to visitors. Occasional special exhibitions take place and a visit to the synagogue sanctuary is included.


Puškinova 17