Žilina, Judaica exhibition

The Jewish Community of Žilina has a precious Judaica collection, which is material evidence of the rich Jewish communal life of Žilina, Bytča, Varín and other towns in this region of north-western Slovakia. The collection is exhibited in the synagogue, which was built in 1927 for the local Orthodox community. A mikvah used to be located in the basement of the building. The sanctuary has been fully preserved, including the geometric-decorated mechitza that separates the former women’s section. The permanent exhibition was installed in 1996 by the Bratislava-based Museum of Jewish Culture, but today operates under the Jewish Community of Žilina. Aside from the synagogue, its Judaica exhibition, and Holocaust memorabilia, the collection also includes items related to the local Maccabi sport association, which was very active during the interwar period.


Daniela Dlabača 15


Longitude: 49.22363
Latitude: 18.74479