Synagoga Slovaca Database
 Brezno [Hungarian: Breznóbánya, German: Bries]
Code: S1B0301 
Monument: Synagogue 
Location: Štúrova 11, Brezno 
District: Brezno 
Present Use: exhibition hall 
Date of Construction: 1901-1902 
Architect: Peter Payerberger 
Central Registry of Monument Fund: 2740 
The Jewish community of Brezno was well integrated into the general population of this small town in the upper Hron River valley. It proudly belonged to the Neolog movement, demonstrated by the elegant tower on the synagogue. The synagogue is located on the junction of two side streets in the city center. It has a tri-partite front dominated by the octagonal tower with onion shaped copper roof placed in the axis of the façade. The interior has a traditional arrangement; the stairways to the women’s gallery are located in the western rear, the sanctuary is a three-nave hall with the women’s gallery supported by cast-iron columns. The original aron hakodesh is placed in a semi-circular apse.

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