Synagoga Slovaca Database
 Levice [Hungarian: Léva, German: Lewentz]
Code: S1N0501 
Monument: Synagogue 
Location: Kalmana Kittenbergera  2281, Levice 
District: Levice 
Present Use: dilapidated building  
Date of Construction: 1853; 1883 (reconstruction) 
Architect: unknown 
Central Registry of Monument Fund:  
The Levice synagogue was constructed on the edge of the historical town, on a building lot gained after the moat of the former fortification was filled in. The unstable surface is also the reason for constant sinking of the building, which endangers its future preservation. The synagogue is a mediocre mélange of various architectural ideas: Renaissance west front, archaic buttresses along the side façades and the main nave supported by the cast iron construction of the women’s gallery. Originally, the synagogue had two turrets, which were later dismantled as a sign of compromise between the traditionalists and reformists in the community.

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