Synagoga Slovaca Database
 Raslavice [Hungarian: Raszlavicza]
Code: C1P1302 
Monument: Cemetery 
Location: Hlavná  183, Raslavice 
District: Bardejov 
Present Use: cemetery 
Date of Construction:  
Architect: unknown 
Central Registry of Monument Fund:  
The Jewish cemetery of Raslavice is located by the main road and can be entered through a garden of a family house on the Main Street nr.183. The cemetery on the area of 200 x 15 m features approximately 90 gravestones. Older graves are located in the lower and younger in the upper part of the cemetery. The cemetery is without proper maintenance for longer time, therefore overgrown with bushes and grass. The gravestones are simple, mostly from granite, but one can find marble as well. Inscriptions are in Hebrew, the only symbol appearing is the weeping willow. Elderly locals also remember an older Jewish cemetery supposedly located in the forest on the hill above the village.

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