Levice, Synagogue

The synagogue in Levice has been owned by the municipality since 1991, and in 2011-2012 underwent complete restoration. It is now used as a venue for cultural purposes. It was constructed in 1883 on the edge of the historical center, on a building lot created after the moat of the town’s former fortifications was filled in. Designed by a local contractor, Gustav Šišák, the synagogue is a mélange of various architectural ideas: a Renaissance west front, archaic buttresses along the side façades, and a main nave supported by the cast iron structure of the women’s gallery. Originally, the synagogue had two turrets, which were later dismantled as a sign of compromise between the traditionalists and reformists in the community. It was used until 1967 by the small surviving Jewish community. Near the synagogue stands a former Jewish school building, an example of modernist architecture from 1934. It is currently undergoing restoration funded by EEA Grants for cultural purposes.


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