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 Nitra [Hungarian: Nyitra, German: Neutra]
Code: C1N0102 
Monument: Cemetery 
Location: Hviezdoslavova trieda , Nitra 
District: Nitra 
Present Use: cemetery 
Date of Construction:  
Architect: unknown 
Central Registry of Monument Fund:  
In Nitra, both orthodox and reform Jewish cemeteries can be found, situated in the same site on the hill near a neighborhood called Kloko?ina on Hviezdoslavova Trieda street. This complex represents one if the best preserved cemeteries in Slovakia with about 5000 graves. The entrance to the cemeteries is through a gate on the reform part of the cemetery. On this 120x80m large area, monumental tombstones from marble and granite with inscriptions in Hebrew, German, Hungarian and Slovak can be found. Originally, the cemeteries were separated from each other by a brick wall, which was ruined during World War II, when the Orthodox cemetery served as a strategic base for German soldiers fighting against the progressing Soviet army. Quadratic holes used as gun-pits can still be seen on the torso of the former fence. After the war, both cemeteries were in desolate condition. The today’s appearance is a result of a long time maintenance works. The orthodox cemetery 240x300m large is older then the Neolog cemetery. There are some assumptions that several gravestones from the oldest, lost Jewish cemetery, which´s location is not known, were secondarily set on this cemetery. Here one can find simple sandstone gravestones dating back to the 17th century and impressive marble 20th century tombstones as well. Some of the older gravestones are decorated with remarkable motives, e.g. view of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The cemetery chapel stands near the entrance to the orthodox cemetery. The Holocaust memorial was erected nearby. A children section is located in north-western part of the cemetery.

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