Synagoga Slovaca Database
 Bratislava [Hungarian: Pozsony, German: Pressburg]
Code: H1A0102 
Monument: Holocaust Memorial 
Location: Heydukova 11-13, Bratislava 
District: Bratislava 
Present Use: memorial 
Date of Construction: 1946 
Architect: unknown 
Central Registry of Monument Fund:  
When the Holocaust survivors of the Bratislava Jewish community cleaned and re-dedicated the Heydukova Street Synagogue on Shavuot 1946, two Holocaust memorial plaques were installed in the passage of the building. This was one of the first sites of the Holocaust remembrance in Slovakia, located in a semi-public area and initiated by the Jewish community on the communal premises. The number of victims is incorrect, since they did not include the killed Jewish citizens from the southern territories, during World War II occupied by Hungary.

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