Synagoga Slovaca Database
 Bratislava [Hungarian: Pozsony, German: Pressburg]
Code: C0A0107 
Monument: Cemetery 
Location: Balkánska, facing/oproti  37, Bratislava 
District: Bratislava-Rusovce 
Present Use: park 
Date of Construction: 1980s 
Architect: unknown 
Central Registry of Monument Fund:  
Visitor Info:
near St. Vite´s Church, behind the bus stop
In the center of Rusovce, formerly a village 10 kilometers south of Bratislava and today one of its neighborhoods, a chateau park is located. On the edge of the park stands the Romanesque St. Vite’s church, which has not been in use for decades and undergoes gradual refurbishment. During the 1980s, when the Jewish cemetery of Rusovce was destroyed by the local authorities, a local man saved the tombstones from destruction by removing them next to the church. Thus at least the tombstones remind on the former Jewish presence in Rusovce.

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