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Museum of Jewish Culture - Žilina
In the past the city had had two Jewish communities. The former Neolog synagogue is one of the most important representatives of modern synagogue architecture in Europe. This remarkable Functionalist building was erected in 1929-1931 and was designed by the famous German architect Peter Behrens. Today it is used as a cinema though a memorial plaque serves as a reminder of its original purpose.

The Orthodox prayer hall serves the Žilina Jewish Community for religious purposes, and also houses one of the exhibitions of the Museum of Jewish Culture. The presentation installed in the women’s section presents a rich tradition of the Jews, who once lived in communities along the Váh River.

The exhibition is located at:
Dlabačova 15, Žilina

Monday, closed
Tuesday through Friday, 14:00 -18:30
Saturday, closed
Sunday, 14:00 - 18:30