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Museum of Jewish Culture
The Museum of Jewish Culture is a branch of the Slovak National Museum and is a prominent state-sponsored institution dedicated to preserving and promoting Jewish culture and art in Slovakia. The museum was established in 1993 together with several other specialized museums of national minorities living at the territory of Slovakia. It was established as a new state policy redefining Slovakia’s cultural identity as a part of European multicultural heritage.

The Museum maintains its permanent exhibitions in four Slovak towns and in the future anticipates establishing other exhibitions in newly restored synagogue buildings across Slovakia. Aside from permanent exhibitions, the Museum has been organizing in partnership with Slovak regional museums special exhibitions to promote Jewish culture in places that were once centers of rich Jewish communal life. Rising awareness about rich Slovak Jewish legacy is one of our main goals. Though often overlooked, the Slovak Jews played an important role in the political, economical and cultural life of the society. Therefore, the Jewish history has to be reintroduced into the general cultural context.

The Museum has been successfully organizing exhibitions abroad, which promote rich Slovak Jewish heritage. The numerous presentations in various European countries, the United States and Israel actively contributed to awareness about Slovakia and the European context of its culture.

Slovak National Museum – Museum of Jewish Culture
Vajanského nábrežie 2, P. O. Box 13
810 06 Bratislava 16

Phone: +421 2 5934 9142
Fax: +421 2 5934 9145

Museum Director: Professor Dr Pavol Mešťan