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The European Routes of Jewish Heritage
The Slovak Jewish Heritage Route is associated with the European Routes of Jewish Heritage network, which is has been awarded the status "Grand Cultural Route“ by the Council of Europe during a ceremony in Strasbourg, on December 5th, 2005.


Six precious Slovak Jewish heritage sites have been included into the European Routes of Jewish Heritage:
  • The Chatam Sofer Memorial, Bratislava
  • The Zsigray Mansion (Museum of Jewish Culture), Bratislava
  • The Heydukova Street Synagogue, Bratislava
  • Status Quo Synagogue, Trnava
  • The Jewish Communal Compound, Kosice
  • The Jewish Communal Compound, Presov
The European Routes of Jewish Heritage have been promoted by an alliance of several Jewish and non-Jewish organisations, including tourist agencies as well as volunteer organisations. It is a unique example of putting together experiences from many walks of life for a common goal shared by all: the preservation and the promotion of Jewish heritage as a European heritage. The European Routes of Jewish Heritage focuses on the pedagogic aspects of discovering Europe's rich heritage and will particularly target young people.

On the European level, the project is jointly coordinated by three organizations:
  • B'nai B'rith Europe: BBE is a Jewish association which is active in the field of humanitarian and social aid and is present in 27 countries. It has the status of a non-governmental organisation. B'nai B'rith means "son of the alliance" which points to the fact that the idea of alliance is a key concept in the Bible and in Judaism. In questions of preservation of Jewish heritage, B'nai B'rith Europe pursues the action initiated by the Strasbourg branch and intends to spread it to its entire network. One of its many positive effects is that it mobilises many volunteers.
  • European Council of Jewish Communities: ECJC is a federation of European Jewish communities and of non-governmental Jewish organisations and consists of 58 members across 37 European countries. This network is active in the fields of social welfare, education, culture, community development and in restitution matters.
  • Red de Juderias de Espańa - Caminos de Sefarad: This "Route of Judaism in Spain" is a cultural and tourist network which brings together ten Spanish towns. Each of these towns has highlighted its ancient Jewish heritage and manages a programme of animations, tours and training. This network has actively participated in the organisation of various events since 1999.

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