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European Day of Jewish Culture
The festival takes place every year on the first Sunday in September across Europe. It is based on the concept of an open day event and every year a theme is chosen. All participating cities and communities decide according to their possibilities how to present their local Jewish heritage to the public. For a day, synagogues offer guided tours, museums prepare special exhibitions and cinematic or musical festivals take place. The European Day of Jewish Culture creates space for celebrating creativity, remembering the past, highlighting artefacts and architectural treasures, bringing together people who share an interest in the common European-Jewish heritage. All events give impulse for future exhibitions, cultural routes, festivals or commemorations.

Theme for the European Day of Jewish Culture 2007 is “Testimonies”.

The choice of this theme will enable us to present the Jewish culture and heritage as an integral part of our past. We will show the imprints, the marks which have been left by the Jews everywhere they have lived not only to express their faith, but also to let a living testimony of their presence as well as of their contribution to the development of their village, city, or region.

Please visit this site again, we will soon update the program of European Day of Jewish Culture 2007 in Slovakia.

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